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CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS – Sumi Perera (a leporello book 18 X 400 cm ) exhibited in ‘art of the STITCH’ an open International Biennial exhibition touring the UK till Nov 2006 & the WREXHAM Print International 2007 & 2008. A variation on the theme:C E V was exhibited at the 5th International Triennial Paper & Bookarts, Chicago, USA 2008. BOOKENDS 2009 Pyramid Atlantic Centre. USA


All human cultures adorn their bodies with clothes, which mark the boundary between the private and public space, forming a personal habitus. This book addresses the seen and unseen forces of the clothing industry. The readymade tailored garments beg us to slip into predetermined sizes, irrespective of the genetic makeup that has designed our body shapes and sizes. The amount of skin that maybe revealed or concealed shifts through temporal and cultural perspectives, again dictating what form of clothing is acceptable. This etched and stitched narrative explores the social currency that clothes hold, in establishing the dialogue between the wearer and viewer. Etched images of mannequins unfold against a backdrop of embossed dress patterns and stitch related words, rendering a tactile reading. Stitched words are unpicked and the memory is left behind (perforations made by the needle marks allow light to filter through to give another narrative). There are multiple readings throughout the book, similar to those that exist within the hieroglyphics that evolve within encounters with clothes.


CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS VIII  (a scroll 200 x 50 cms will also tour the UK at the KNITTING & STITCHING SHOW :

NEC Birmingham 11-14th September; Alexandra Palace 9-12th October; RDS Dublin 30th Oct-2nd November; Harrogate International Centre 20-23rd Nov 2008

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS - 5th ARTIST BOOK Triennial-TEXT: Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, Seoul  & Italy 2008-2010

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS V -  Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London. 12th- 22nd November 2009

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS V IMPACT Conference, University of Dundee 2013

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